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Helping societies with core initiatives in the areas of Eye Health Care, Education, Women Empowerment and Community Development.

About RPG Foundation

The RPG Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 to function as a centralized body for the implementation of CSR initiatives of the various group companies of RPG Enterprises. The Foundation adopts and directly manages CSR activities at the group level. Another objective of the Foundation is to oversee and create synergies across group companies to encourage exchange of ideas, adoption of best practices and learning.

Our vision is to drive “holistic empowerment” of our community around the local vicinity of our plants and the industry we operate in, across all geographies. We believe in implementing sustainable initiatives which will have maximum societal impact by identifying the critical need gaps. RPG Foundation implements initiatives in domains of eye care, women empowerment, education and local community development. RPG Foundation also leads and executes the group companies’ social outreach programs.